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Real Estate Photography Resource-Marilyn Cunningham Photography

As a licensed California Real Estate Broker, Marilyn Cunningham, photographer, has gained an advantage over other photographers due to the vast experience working with buyers and sellers over the past 20 years. She has the eye to see what buyers are looking for. That perspective can make all the difference when hiring someone to photograph your listing or project.


Marilyn has had a passion for photography since she was a child, having a camera in her hands is like second nature. Developing the skills necessary has come over time.


When photographing properties for sale, or working with contractors or designers to capture their work, Marilyn typically uses an HDR method, High Dynamic Range, whereby she shoots several shots with different aperature settings, which means the light picked up by the camera varies from dark to light. During the post processing of the photos, those photos are blended together to make one photo with proper lighting that reflects more of how the human eye visualizes a scene, balancing shadows and bright light.


After 20 years as a Realtor® and Broker, Marilyn felt that she could do a great service to the real estate community by offering her photography skills to the industry and those that list properties for sale. One by one, agents  have realized the value that high quality photos bring to their listing. When speaking to a seller on a listing presentation, how great to have that extra tool in your toolbag to say, "I use a professional photographer to capture the true beauty of your home to show to the world."


Marilyn also photographs projects for archtects, contractors, and interior designers. Portrait photography, particularly in a work environment is something else Marilyn photographs.



      What agent's say about REPR

      "I always hire Marilyn to photograph my new listings coming on the market. She makes them shine and I'm sure that many of them are selling over the asking price due to the quality of the photos and how great she makes the house look."

      -Karen R., Walnut Creek, Ca


      "Using Marilyn on my high end listings as my professional photographer was a great choice."

      George B., Walnut Creek


      "We regularly hire Marilyn to photograph our finished remodeling projects. She has a keen attention to detail, and knows how to capture the beauty of any space. We have hired her for photographing an open concept kitchen in Danville, where we won a National Association of the Remodeling Industry Gold Award in 2014."

      Gordon Reese Construction, Walnut Creek


      "Marilyn Cunningham is the best photographer that we have ever used. She has the right attitude and knowledge to make any house special. Her equipment is top notch and that allows her to get the angles and light settings needed. She is flexible on time and changes which is helpful with trying to make several schedules work. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her for any job. She has helped us with $200,000 houses to $4,000,000 custom estates and has made each a work of art. Our clients love working with her."

      Sereta C., Lafayette



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